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Calling on Kānuka Samples

With kānuka honey flowing into drums in recent months, The Experiment Company has renewed their call for beekeepers to supply honey samples for their ongoing research.

Kānuka trees will have finished flowering around New Zealand and thus researchers hope beekeepers can now provide honey samples to aid their work.

TEC’s research to try and prove the immunomodulatory benefits of kānuka honey as well as form a chemical definition is ongoing (as outlined in Making Kānuka Honey Great Again in December 2022). The Auckland-based lab will need more samples of the native New Zealand honey to better progress their research though, with the end goal of improving the value to kānuka honey.

“We understand it has been a poor honey production season for many and we feel for those people and beekeepers caught up in Cyclone Gabrielle. However, for those beekeepers who have been able to harvest what they deem to be monofloral kānuka honey crops, we ask you to please undertake the simple task of putting a sample pot in a courier bag and sending it off to TEC to aid our research,” TEC founder Sri Govindaraju says.

“Because of the poor production season, we will possibly fall short of the number of samples we need to continue the research this season, however if beekeepers come to the party now we might just be able to get enough. They needn’t be samples from this season, older kānuka samples would be great too, but we figure now is the time beekeepers will be sending samples to lab, so please include TEC in that mailout.”

Mail samples of 100-200g or more can be sent to:

School of Science Reception (Attention: Swapna Gannabathula and Nazimah Hamid) Level 5, WS Building

Auckland University of Technology

34 Saint Paul Street

Auckland 1010

Along with sample please provide:

· Your contact details

· Floral type (approximate %s)

· Region/Location

· Land type (e.g. urban, bush, farm or orchard)

· Harvest date


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