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Get Apiarist’s Advocate in Print Magazine this Month – Order Now

It’s that time again, six months has flow by and we are in the processes of laying out our printed “best of” from the last six months of Apiarist’s Advocate content. Have you got your order in? It’s simple ( and your way to keep a snapshot of our industry and support our independent reporting.

What better way to spend some time over winter than in front of the fire taking in the best of Apiarist’s Advocate from the first half of 2023.

I must say, some of the stories from the past six month made sombre reading when I laid them out on the pages. Since January we have detailed the exodus of beekeepers from a struggling honey industry, the destruction of Cyclone Gabrielle, flooding in Auckland, ongoing battles over compliance costs and barriers to business imposed by government departments, and the struggles mānuka honey faces in the wake of false-positive adulteration claims and the losi

ng efforts to gain a trademark.

Of course there is a fair mix of good news stories in there too, including profiles of hard working and innovative beekeepers.

Most of us will be getting a little more time to sit back and relax this time of year, compared to what can be a helter-skelter beekeeping season. So, I invite you to do that with our brand of beekeeping media, while gaining a publication to put on the shelf for later reference when you are done.

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