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We're beekeepers too – owner-operators of Pyramid Apiaries in sunny Marlborough at the top of the South Island. Apiarist's Advocate is our passion project to the apiculture industry, a way of creating meaningful stories for beekeepers, by beekeepers.

A core principal of Apiarist's Advocate is making accurate and constructive "news, views and promotions" easily available to Kiwi beekeepers, so there are a range of methods in which you can access Apiarist's Advocate... 

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eMagazine: Subscribe to the monthly eMagazine for free to get Apiarist's Advocate delivered straight to your inbox in PDF form in the first week of every month.

News Website: If you've found your way here then you have probably found your way to our home page, which hosts all Apiarist's Advocate's beekeeping news, views and promotions.

Printed Magazine: Every six months Apiarist's Advocate fires up the printing press to provide Print Reads, a best of bi-annual publication that runs to around 50 pages of the leading stories and promotions from either January-June period or July-December, to be delivered to your mailbox. Order ahead of time, or select from our back catalogue of Print Reads.

We first published Apiarist's Advocate as an eMagazine in August 2019 and have continued to do so every month since, as well as expanding into a news website and extensive social media following. Prior to beekeeping, Patrick worked as a sports reporter at and so Apiarist's Advocate brings together two passions: beekeeping and creating captivating stories.

Over the years a range of contributors and freelance writers have been brought on board to bring you, the reader, new and interesting content each month.

Apiarist's Advocate is free and independent. This means we are not aligned to any political or commerical interest in apiculture, although we encourage our readers to support our dedicated and diverse team of advertisers who make it all possible. 

Enjoy the reads and let us know if there is something we are missing:

– Patrick & Laura Dawkins.

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