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Advocate Offers Printed Bi-Annual – Order Now!

By Patrick Dawkins – Editor

This publication has grown greatly since our first eMagazine release in August 2019, and now we have a new adaption to offer our readers, Print Reads Winter ’22: The best of Apiarist’s Advocate January to June 2022. The printed magazine will be the first of its kind for us, having previously released a PDF eMag for our first 35 months.

Patrick and Laura Dawkins, founders of Apiarist's Advocate eMagazine and Marlborough beekeepers.

Our publication will continue in electronic form going forward, both in eMag and via our website, so beekeepers can continue their free and easy access to our content. We want to test the waters on the interest level in a printed “highlights package” style magazine every six months though.

In our more than two and a half years publishing we have received some great feedback from readers about our content and the eMag form allows many beekeepers to access the stories. However, it would be good to give those stories greater permanence. A regular printed version of the publication should do that. I envisage it sitting in the smoko room or on the coffee table at home over the winter months when beekeepers have more time to dive further into stories, then it heading to the bookshelf or office for posterity and as a reference point and snapshot of our industry.

I am looking forward to going through our first six editions of the year to sift out what I believe will make for the most suitable stories, with still a few months to go there is already plenty to choose from. We have got some great reads about beekeepers all over the country (from Maggie James’s excellent profiles, to our Club Catch-Ups), have dived into some big issues of apiculture (AFB sniffer dogs, UK trademark battles, a major recap of the honey season…), while also tapping into expert advice and insight from a wide-range of corners of our industry (Apiarist Opinions, Management Matters, Under the Microscope, Varroa Diaries…).

While the eMagazine and website are free to subscribers – thanks to the support of advertisers – Print Reads comes at a cost of $29, which includes GST and delivery to your mailbox, or $25 per copy if you order 4 or more. We expect it to contain 50-60 pages of quality reads and thus be great bang for the buck. We will compile it immediately after the release of our June issue and plan to have it into mailboxes by mid-June. I invite you to order now:

Print Reads can be ordered online via:

We always welcome feedback from our readers too, email editor@apiadvocate on this topic or any other.


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