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Extended Content Labels – Is Your Honey Label Doing All It Can to Stand Out from the Rest?


Kiwi honey producers face competitive market places, both within New Zealand and abroad, and so Kiwi Labels is doing all they can to help honey brands stand out by telling – and thus selling – their stories. For the Christchurch company, innovation is a constant and their latest development means extra space to display industry standards and regulations on label, as well as extend branding.

Extended Content Label (ECL) Systems are becoming increasingly common in many industries, including food & beverage, house & garden, agriculture, automotive, and health & beauty. That includes honey, says Kiwi Labels general manager Regan Fox.

Is your honey label making the most of the space available to stand out from the pack? Extended Content Labels from Kiwi Labels might be just the innovation you need.

“ECLs are often referred to as ‘Booklet’ or ‘Multi-page’ labels and they provide a versatile solution to many marketing challenges,” Fox says of the technology which is solving problems for honey brands.

“An ECL is a label that unfolds and pops out. They can be used to create additional space for detailed product descriptions, promotions or simply provides a solution to comply with industry standards and regulations.”

Extended Content Labels are in use across many industries already and with honey’s need to display a range of complex information, they provide a versatile solution to several marketing challenges.

Such innovation is nothing new for Kiwi Labels, who have been in business since 1976 and who pride themselves on using that experience, knowledge and skills of their Christchurch-based team and factory to overcome challenges for their customers.

Come and have a chat – Kiwi Labels are a regular sponsor and attendee of Apiculture New Zealand’s national conference and they invite anyone with a honey brand to come and sound them out at this year’s event, June 29-30 in Rotorua, to discuss improving their labelling. Photo: ApiNZ

“We have label options for every solution and environment, but ECL in particular provides the perfect label for your product packaging, whilst not compromising your brand or existing label size. Additional layers or pages can be applied behind a cover label to allow extra space to suit your marketing needs,” the GM says.

Additional benefits of an ECL system include increased transparency for customers and a better understanding of the product’s purpose – attributes that can add serious value to a honey brand. For existing brands, adding ECL to their labelling can be done with few hassles, and so Fox is keen to have the discussion with honey packers and marketers about how Kiwi Labels can improve their products.



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