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Hot off the Press for Winter … Get Your Copy!

It was with great anticipation that I awaited our first ever print magazine and now it is pleasing to have Print Reads Winter ’22 out and a wide range of our stories compiled into one publication.

It wasn’t a large print run first up, with 60-odd copies sent out to those who pre-ordered, but luckily for you (our loyal reader!), we have run some extra copies off. A few of these were sold over our stand at the ApiNZ conference last week, and now only about a dozen remain – so get in quick if you want a copy to land in your mailbox soon (ordering details at the end of this story).

What’s in it for the reader? Well, while our eMagazine and website will continue to be the main and regular mediums in which Apiarist’s Advocate’s “news, views and promotions” can be consumed, the concept of a bi-annual print magazine will bring together a selection of what I consider our best and most relevant stories from the last six months. That’s what the Winter ’22 edition does – 48 pages of stories to educate and entertain any beekeeper, whether you have your own hives, or work in the industry.

In this day and age there is a plethora of information available to us and we can easily get caught up in the irrelevant. Apiarist’s Advocate puts a beekeeper’s lens on and filters through that information for you so, as a busy beekeeper yourself, you have a selection of content tailored “for beekeepers, by beekeepers”. Print Reads takes that to the next level, by distilling down our content from the last six months into an even more relevant collection for any beekeeper.

While we pride ourselves on offering our content to beekeepers free of charge via website and eMag, obviously printing adds some cost and so Print Reads Winter ’22 is priced at $29 (gst inc) per issue or $25 per for an order of four or more. It is undoubtably an investment in your beekeeping education and an easy way to get to know the happenings of the wider apiculture industry and people in it. It’s a great addition to your smoko room, coffee table, bedside reading and then on the bookshelf for posterity – that’s the beauty of Apiarist’s Advocate, consume it however and wherever you wish.

I invite you to order one (or more if you are an employer) before they are all gone:

Happy reading! Patrick Dawkins, editor.


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