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Humm – Streamlined Honey Testing

ADVERTORIAL: Humm by Ecrotek

Humm – it’s ordering honey testing and managing results with the convenience of online banking. In a world where so many business activities have been hastened and made more efficient by use of the internet, in 2019 Ecrotek Beekeeping Supplies asked, why is honey testing any different?

The answer is, it needn’t be, and thus Humm was born and is now simplifying and streamlining the honey testing process for beekeepers, whether they have one sample or many. It’s an online portal where beekeepers can order sample jars and return courier bags and receive them the next day, book tests, print their own labels, track their sample’s progress, view test results, customise reports and order additional testing. Humm puts more control in the hands of the beekeeper.

Why Humm, Why Now?

While existing laboratories were providing the honey industry adequate testing in lab, Ecrotek customers raised the need for greater control and efficiency in the process of submitting samples and ordering results.

While the beekeeping supply company has provided a user-friendly portal at, Australasia’s largest food testing agency Gribbles Scientific carries out the all-important honey testing from their IANZ accredited lab in Mosgiel, Dunedin. All up, it makes for a simple process…

STEP 1 – Get the Gear

With Humm, getting honey samples to the Gribbles lab is not only simple, but free. Once the beekeeper has their myHumm login details, it’s simply a matter of letting the lab know – via myHumm – how many batches need testing and the amount of sample jars and labels required. They will be on the way for next-day delivery, along with return courier bags – all at no charge!

So good! I don’t have to email the lab and ask them to split sample A off report 1 and Sample C off report 3, etc.” – Twyla MacDonald, Tai Tokerau Honey.

STEP 2 – Select Your Tests

Choosing what honey tests are required from Gribbles wide range is then easy when using myHumm – drag from the list of test types and drop alongside the appropriate batches. You can even create groups of common test types for fast application to batches.

STEP 3 – Label and Send

Either hand label your sample jars, or print coded labels using the sticker sheet provided. Then it’s in the courier bag and off to the lab.

STEP 4 – Watch the Progress

Ever wonder how long away your honey test results are? With the myHumm portal you can view progress with just a couple of clicks/swipes.

STEP 5 – Collate Results How You Want Them

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Humm is the ability to generate fully customisable reports of test results … no more hindering would-be honey buyers with screeds of PDF files. Humm lets the beekeeper choose what results they want on each report, saving time, improving accuracy of information to buyers, and preventing over-sharing of the beekeeper’s honey results.

“It’s so user-friendly. Drop and drag, simple to use, and avoids ambiguity and mistakes. The filter system provides easy access to your records without cumbersome hunting through a filing cabinet.” – Darryl Rogers, Alpine Honey.

And a Bonus…

These days many beekeepers need follow up honey tests once an initial result is returned – think a mānuka five-attributes test once the 3-in-1 results prove favourable. Additional testing inside 30 days (that’s how long they hold your honey samples at the lab) couldn’t be easier with Humm providing the platform to place another quick order, as well as a filing system for storing your results.

Get Online and Get Efficient

Humm is simple to get started with and has been saving beekeepers time and energy since its inception three years ago. With the main honey testing season soon upon us, now is the time to streamline your testing processes and get results at your fingertips with Humm.

Head to to take a look around.



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