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NZ Beeswax Hamilton Open Day to Compliment June Events

New Zealand Beeswax are adding to the education on offer in Hamilton this month, with an open invite to beekeepers to attend their Free Open Day on Wednesday June 19 which will provide insights into practical and use-now research findings.

“Our goal is to provide the latest science that beekeepers can use today and in the near future,” NZ Beeswax general manager Nick Taylor says of the get together at Hamilton’s Distinction Hotel and Conference Centre.

“Rather than help which is five or ten years away, we want to let beekeepers know what the latest tools and science at their disposal are, to make short and medium term decisions to improve their business.”

The Wednesday get-together is the day following Apiculture New Zealand’s Industry Summit Day, which itself follows the Honey Bee Research Symposium on the Monday, making for three days of apicultural events in Hamilton. Taylor says they don’t intend to “step on the toes” of the Symposium, stressing that the focus of the NZ Beeswax event is more immediately appliable findings and products.

Varroa management, American foulbrood, queen rearing, and the latest research from Veto-pharma, the French laboratory behind varroa treatment Apivar, will be major talking points. Plant and Food Research scientists will be presenting, as will dnature diagnostics and research’s John Mackay.

Taylor says the science is finally catching up with what beekeepers have been anecdotally finding in recent years with several organic varroa control methods, and the Free Open Day will be an opportunity to present this research so beekeepers can make more educated decisions around varroa management.

“It’s from 9am to 3pm and we will be putting on free morning tea, lunch and even the first drink at the bar too, so we would love beekeepers to RSVP and come along,” Taylor says.

To RSVP to the June 19 Free Open Day, email:


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