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Win Christmas Stocking Stuffers!

Apiarist’s Advocate, along with some of our core advertising supporters, would like to say merry Christmas to our readers by offering up some great gift ideas for yourself or the beekeeper in your life, plus a chance for you to win a gift pack with all four items in it. Just email, by December 12, and tell us which of the four stocking-stuffer items interests you most, and you’re in to win!

Varroa Easy Check – 3 in 1 – NZ Beeswax

Avoid a critical level of varroa mite infestation, through early detection.

Infestation impacts on bee health and hive productivity so regular monitoring will allow for effective treatment plans all year round. The Varroa Easy Check is an efficient and easy-to-use tool to evaluate the health of your hives. Use as an alcohol wash, CO2 or sugar roll. Keep one in your vehicle and get fast, actionable results.

Merry Christmas all!

Christmas Special $20.00 + gst (normal rrp $29.00 + gst)

Maxant Type 10” stainless steel hive tool with hook – Ecrotek Beekeeping Supplies

The Maxant 10” is a popular hive tool with a chiselled end and lever hook, useful for scraping wax off equipment and releasing the frames, plus prising components apart within the hive prior to inspections. This hive tool is an essential for any beekeeper, so will be welcomed by that special apiarist in your life … even if that is yourself!

Merry Christmas and happy new year to all our customers out there, from the Ecrotek staff in both North and South.

Beekeepers tool belt – Hive World NZ

The Hive World Beekeepers Tool Belt is the ultimate beekeeper’s accessory and THE gift for your favourite beekeeper. Never lose your hive tool again! The ultra-strong magnet holds your hive tool in place until required. Takes hive tools up to 30mm wide (including our whopping Big Brute). With a multi-compartment pouch to hold all those little extras (queen cage, grafting tool, queen marker etc,) this tool belt will keep all your tools within easy reach.

A merry Christmas to all our customers!

Handy Corflute Nuc Box – Ceracell

Do you split colonies? Want a more cost effective nuc to split into? Are you tired of using internal division feeders in your corflute nucs? Are you tired of lids on corflute nucs that don’t stay closed? We have the solution!

Ceracell has researched, trialled, and designed a corflute nuc to fix these problems. Our all new Ceracell Handy Corflute Nuc Box is stronger and better insulated than any others on the market. Great to have in your shed for catching swarms too!

Check out this new innovation and order yours, or the beekeeper in your life, now. You won’t be disappointed.

Merry Christmas from Bruce, Susan and the team at Ceracell!


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