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Limited Print Run – Order Your Magazine Now to Get on the Delivery List!

By Patrick Dawkins – Editor

I’ve just completed the layout of the latest edition of Print Reads Summer '22: The Best of Apiarist’s Advocate July-December 2022 and it’s been a challenge whittling down our stories from the last six months – meaning those that made the cut must be pretty good … right!?

It’s off to layout now and the printers will fire up soon, so I invite you to order now to get on the mailing list, because we won’t be running many extras off. First in best dressed and you can expect delivery before Christmas – meaning it will make an ideal gift for any beekeepers in your life, or just a bit of causal reading if you do get some time off through the ‘silly’ season.

Like the winter “best of” magazine here, a slick summer bi-annual version of Apiarist’s Advocate is set to be distributed in December to those who order now.

Our advertisers do a great job of making our content freely available for the rest of the industry, but Print Reads is your opportunity to support our journalism while gaining a quality product and a snapshot of our industry for posterity.

For employers it’s a great addition to the workplace – and there is a discount for orders of four or more copies. For any type of beekeeper it enhances home or office.

Print Reads will run to around 50 pages and prices have remained the same as in winter – $29 (which includes GST) for one copy, or $25 per copy for orders of four or more.

While not all apiarists will be blessed with a lot of time off through the busy summer months, there will surely be a few minutes for most to sit back, relax and catch up on the best of Apiarist’s Advocate from the second half of 2022. Get you order in now, because the winter print run sold out!

To place you order visit


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