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Limited Registrations Remain for Science Symposium 2024

It’s a new venue, but a similar, successful format for the 5th iteration of the annual New Zealand Honey Bee Research Symposium in Hamilton this month.

Last year’s Honey Bee Research Symposium in Rotorua was attended by around 120 people. This year organisers have capped numbers at 100 to the June 17 event in Hamilton and so they advise those interested in attending to register online early.

Plant and Food Research’s Ruakura campus will host up to 100 scientists, beekeepers and anyone with an interest in the latest research into honey bees and related subjects on Monday June 17. Like in previous years, the event has been scheduled to coincide with an Apiculture New Zealand gathering, this year that is ApiNZ’s Industry Summit Day in Hamilton the following day.

The symposium allows scientists to present, inform, and understand the honey bee research landscape in New Zealand, but everyone is welcome to attend. It is a great opportunity to learn about recent research from scientists working in the apiculture field, hear some of the scientific challenges facing the industry, and understand how research in New Zealand addresses these issues, organisers say.

Last year around 120 people attended in Rotorua, but this year the number will be capped at 100, with preregistration, costing $75, required. Attendees are asked to register by June 10 at the latest.

While the exact lineup of presenters has not been confirmed at time of publishing, organisers say topics likely to be included are research into varroa, such as an update from Victoria University of Wellington on their cutting-edge RNAi trials, plus other areas of bee health and nutrition, and pollination effectiveness. Presenters will be from a mix of private labs and research organisations, universities, and industry.

While this year’s Symposium is at a different venue to the ApiNZ gathering at Waikato University, the two venues are close by, on opposite sides of Ruakura road, and thus practical for visitors from out of town who might want to stay close by.

Registration is available here.


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