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Readers Can Get on the List for a Winter Print Magazine Now

A printed magazine version of Apiarist’s Advocate is perfect winter reading for all Kiwi beekeepers.

With the winter days come respite for beekeepers – less hours in the hives (if any at all) and more time for those jobs that “we’ll do over winter”. I also hope it makes for more time for leisure activities – including reading Apiarist’s Advocate! With that in mind, we have our winter printed bi-annual magazine set to go for June, and you can get your name on the list for delivery now.

This will be our third edition of Print Reads and Winter ’23 will once again compile the best of Apiarist’s Advocate’s stories from the last six months, this time the first half of 2023. The 50-page magazine offers readers another way to access our stories and provides:

  • A chance to catch up on any stories missed during the hustle and bustle of the beekeeping season.

  • A physical copy of the goings on in New Zealand apiculture for review, and to keep for posterity.

  • A highly-pertinent magazine for staff in both the office and/or smoko rooms of beekeeping/honey businesses.

  • Your chance to support our otherwise free, yet wide-ranging, coverage of the industry.

Among the stories featured will be our analysis of the state of the business of beekeeping, Quarterly Honey Market Chats, coverage of Cyclone Gabrielle’s impact on apiculture, beekeeping profiles, plus selections of our regular features such as Dave Black’s science insights and Ian Fletcher’s excellent Views from Outside the Apiary, plus Club Catch-Ups.

Ordering multiple copies of Print Reads activates discounted prices, so employers can place magazines in several offices, sheds, or smoko rooms for staff’s enjoyment and education.

Individual orders are $29 (which includes GST) while orders of two or more magazines are $25 each.

So how do you get on the list for June delivery? Jump on our website and fill in the form with your email and delivery address. Happy reading, happy beekeeping!

-Patrick Dawkins (editor)


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